System resource limits (LVE Limits) for all NameCrane DirectAdmin-based Reseller Hosting plans.

All DirectAdmin-based Reseller Accounts include:

  • A fixed amount of storage that can be allocated as you wish to sub-accounts and oversold up to the total account storage - either 20, 50 or 125GB depending on plan.
  • Unlimited add-on accounts included free for DirectAdmin
  • A soft CPU cap of 1.5 cores total usage across all sub-accounts in a reseller. Below limits are the maximum limits for each sub-account.

DirectAdmin Sub-Account Resource Limits (Per-Account Allocation)

  DA Reseller 20G DA Reseller 50G DA Reseller 125G
CPU Utilization 1 Core (100%) 1 Core (100%) 1 Core (100%)
RAM (Physical Memory) 2GB 2GB 2GB
I/O (MB/sec) No Cap No Cap No Cap
IOPs No Cap No Cap No Cap
Inodes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Entry Processes (EP) 20 20 20
Total Processes 100 100 100
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered

All LVE limits for reseller hosting are set. If you'd like to resell plans with more CPU or Ram, you'll need one of our Crate hosting plans.

If you're looking for information on our cPanel-based reseller plans: cPanel Reseller LVE Limits

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